Table 2

Amount of asthma-specific, non-asthma and asthma comorbidity* health services use in individuals with active asthma, less active asthma and without asthma

Type of health services useType of ClaimsStudy populations
Active asthma (N=436405)Less active asthma (N=1226172)Non-asthma (N=11024424)
Ambulatory care claim rate per 100 individuals (95% CIs)Asthma specific200 (199 to 200)NANA
Non-asthma1616 (1615 to 1618)1301 (1301 to 1302)942 (941 to 942)
Asthma comorbidity*674359NA
Emergency department visit rate per 100 individuals (95% CIs)Asthma specific14.8 (14.7 to 15.0)NANA
Non-asthma68.2 (68.0 to 68.5)49.2 (49.0 to 49.3)32.6 (32.5 to 32.6)
Asthma comorbidity*35.616.6NA
Hospitalisation rate per 100 individuals (95% CIs)Asthma specific3.3 (3.3 to 3.4)NANA
Non-asthma25.8 (25.6 to 26.0)21.5 (21.4 to 21.6)15.5 (15.5 to 15.5)
Asthma comorbidity*10.36.0NA
  • * Asthma comorbidity or the additional amount of comorbidity found in individuals with asthma compared with those without, was estimated by subtracting the rate of non-asthma claims in the asthma group from the rate of (‘non-asthma’) claims in the non-asthma group. Thus any comorbid condition could be considered asthma comorbidity if it was more commonly found in the asthma group.

  • Standardised to the 2001 Ontario population.

  • NA, not applicable.