Table 3

Comparative effects of inhaled placebo vs bronchodilators (BDs) on selected parameters of the kinetics of pulmonary oxygen uptake Embedded Image and deoxyhaemoglobin (Δ[HHb]) in the vastus lateralis at the onset of high-intensity, constant work rate exercise (n= 12)

TD (s)τ (s)MRT (s)
PlaceboBDsp ValuePlaceboBDsp ValuePlaceboBDsp Value
Embedded Image ml/min23.2±7.520.3±7.10.6789.4±20.169.8±15.40.01106.3±18.084.1±12.20.003
Δ[HHb] μM/cm10.2±2.310.1±1.70.944.9±1.89.1±3.20.00115.7±3.019.8±3.20.007
  • Values are means ± SD.

  • MRT, mean response time; TD, time delay; τ, time constant.