Table 1

Resting characteristics and responses to incremental exercise (n=12)

Age (years)65.3±6.5
Body mass index (kg/m2)23.4±4.0
Pulmonary function
FEV1, % predicted38.5±12.9
FVC, % predicted80.1±9.7
TLC, % predicted125.4±5.8
RV, % predicted192.1±35.6
IC, % predicted70.1±15.9
DLCO, % predicted43.4±14.2
Pao2 mm Hg70±8
Sao2, %94±4
PaCo2 mm Hg39±5
Peak exercise
Power W72±19
Embedded Image ml/min1215±185
Embedded Image, % predicted58.7±15.1
Embedded ImageE l/min40.8±14.0
Embedded ImageE /MVV0.87±0.18
HR beats/min135±24
Borg dyspnoea scores8 (6–10)
Borg leg effort scores7 (5–9)
  • Values are means±SD.

  • DLCO, lung diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC, forced vital capacity; HR, heart rate; IC, inspiratory capacity; MVV, maximal voluntary ventilation; Pa, arterial partial pressure; RV, residual volume; Sa, arterial saturation; TLC, total lung capacity;

    , carbon dioxide output;
    E, minute ventilation;
    , oxygen uptake.