Table 5

Analysis of prognostic factors of 1-month mortality: significant univariate and multivariate associations

Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis
OR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
Autonomy for daily activities0.078
 Partial8.71.0 to 75.30.050
 None11.51.4 to 95.60.024
Neurological diseases3.31.1 to 9.90.0294.51.2 to 15.70.020
Septic shock3.00.9 to 10.10.0786.61.2 to 34.00.025
Pleural effusion2.70.9 to 7.90.0633.61.1 to 11.70.036
 Typical CAP1.01.0
 GNB+MRSA6.51.4 to 29.40.01516.42.1 to 128.90.008
 Unknown aetiology3.01.0 to 8.70.0433.00.6 to 14.40.165
PSI scoring, +1 point1.021.01 to 1.050.029
  • Typical CAP pathogens include: S pneumoniae, H influenzae, L pneumophila, M pneumoniae, C burnetii, C pneumoniae. GNB include: P aeruginosa, E coli, K pneumoniae, P stuartii. Neurological disorders include: degenerative diseases, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson disease, Down syndrome, vascular cerebral accidents, postanoxia brain injury and dementia.

  • CAP, community-acquired pneumonia; GNB, Gram-negative bacilli; MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus; PSI, pneumonia severity index; ‘+1 point’ indicates a PSI increase of one point.