Table 3

Costs for patients in whom drugs were permanently discontinued because of suspected adverse events (all costs in Canadian $)

nCosts for scheduled careCosts for non-scheduled careTotal costsAverage cost per patientp Value*
Treatment regimen
Type of adverse event
 Gastrointestinal intolerance7$1543$2269$3812$545
 Drug interaction1$305$911$1216$1216
Final designation
 Grade 3–4 drug-related adverse event24$9317$18668$27985$1166<0.001
 Grade 1–2 drug-related adverse event16$4493$5850$10343$646
 Not a drug-related adverse event29$10870$12364$23234$801
All patients in whom drugs were stopped69$24680$36883$61563$892
  • * p Value from one-way ANOVA for comparison of mean costs within subgroups.

  • Final designation regarding severity and relationship to study drug were made by an independent panel, blinded to study drug.

  • Other reasons for referral to independent review panel were: pregnancy (n=5 of whom 1 later completed therapy), arthralgia (n=1), rheumatoid arthritis (n=1), fatigue (n=1), decreased libido (n=1), dengue fever (n=1), depression (n=1) and death (n=1). None of these was judged to be related to the study drug.

  • 9INH, isoniazid treatment for 9 months; 4RIF, rifampin treatment for 4 months.