Table 2

Association of symptoms, adverse events and completion with costs (all costs in Canadian $)

nCosts for scheduled careCosts for non-scheduled careTotal costsTotal costs per patientTotal costs per patient per month
(A) Results with 4RIF
Completed therapy
 No symptoms or problems180$154153$5278$159431$886$219
 Had symptoms but completed148$130031$7139$137170$927$232
Did not complete, default
 Never started*2$392$0$392$196
 Patient default, no symptoms49$21202$237$21339$435$279
 Had symptoms, and patient defaulted17$9289$1440$10729$631$379
Drugs permanently stopped by physician
 Drug-related adverse events16$4954$7468$12422$776$565
 Not a drug-related adverse event9$2751$3889$6640$738$487
(B) Results with 9INH
Completed therapy
 No symptoms or problems119$119297$8344$127641$1073$120
 Had symptoms but completed136$142250$11551$153801$1131$126
Did not complete, default
 Never started*5$970$0$970$194
 Patient default, no symptoms80$37948$1992$39940$499$260
 Had symptoms and patient defaulted48$28409$1827$30236$630$194
Study drug stopped permanently by physician
 Drug-related adverse events24$8855$17051$25906$1079$357
 Pregnancy or death4$1797$1215$3012$753$217
 Not a drug-related adverse event16$7312$6161$13473$842$258
  • * Patients consented, were randomised, but then refused to start treatment. Costs are for baseline evaluation only.

  • Final designation regarding whether drugs were stopped appropriately and severity/relationship to study drug were made by an independent panel, blinded to study drug.

  • Patient-months calculated from total number (sum) of patient-months on treatment within each group.

  • 9INH, isoniazid treatment for 9 months; 4RIF, rifampin treatment for 4 months.