Table 2

Demographic characteristics of subjects from Sao Paulo on which lung tissue was used for ultrastructural analysis

FA (n = 4)NAC (n = 3)
Sex (M/F)*3/10/3
Age (years)†48 (20–51)50 (46–51)
Smoking (S/NS)*2/20/3
Age of asthma onset (years)†4 (1–10), unknownN/A
Duration of asthma (years)†40 (10–47), 1 unknownN/A
Time from death to autopsy‡12 (6–15)9.3 (5–14)
Oral corticosteroid§0/4/0N/A
Inhaled corticosteroid§0/2/2N/A
Short-acting bronchodilator§0/1/3N/A
Cause of deathAsthmaHeart disease
  • *Data expressed as number of patients.

  • †Data expressed as median (range).

  • ‡Data expressed in hours as mean (range).

  • §Number of patients: none/occasional/everyday use.

  • FA, fatal asthma; N/A, not applicable; NAC, non-asthma controls; NS, non-smoker; S, smoker.