Table 3

Sample calculations based on tables 1A and B, and 2 (adapted from reference 10)

CaseAnnual risk of active TB/100 000Effect of CKD ×20Effect of renal transplant ×37Risks of prophylaxis /100 000 (table 2)Risk/benefit type calculation
UK born
Age 35–54480148278Observation
Age 55–747140259278Observation
Indian subcontinent5931186017790278Prophylaxis
Age >35
In UK 3 years
Age 35–54
Other ethnic group397801443278Prophylaxis
Age ≥35
In UK >5 years
  • The weighted average risk for prophylaxis with 6H is 278/100 000 which is used for these calculations. That for 3RH is higher at 1766/100 000 but may need to be considered if a shorter duration of chemoprophylaxis is needed on clinical grounds.

  • CKD, chronic kidney disease.