Table 3

Univariate analysis of postrecurrence survival in 106 patients with resected stage I non-small cell lung cancer with single organ metastasis

VariablesHR95% CIp Value
 Male1.9051.112 to 3.2570.019
Smoking index, pack-years*1.0081.000 to 1.0160.040
Histological type
 Non-squamous cell carcinoma1
 Squamous cell carcinoma1.8021.183 to 2.7400.006
Disease-free interval, months
 >160.4620.295 to 0.7210.001
Lung metastasis
 Present0.5960.367 to 0.9680.037
Brain metastasis
 Present0.8280.536 to 1.2790.394
Bone metastasis
 Present1.5531.016 to 2.3750.042
Liver metastasis
 Present1.3210.733 to 2.3800.354
Treatment for distant metastasis
 Yes0.2530.129 to 0.494<0.001
  • * The HR associated with the smoking index is an increased hazard per 1 pack-year of additional smoking.