Table 1

Comparison of individuals whose fetal crown–rump length, biparietal diameter and birth weight were and were not all determined

All measurements available (n=790 unless stated)All measurements not available (n=1210 unless stated)
Male sex53% (411/782)49% (536/1096)
Maternal smoker in first trimester28% (218)31% (375)
Median number of cigarettes smoked15 (10–20)15 (10–20)
Mother quit after first trimester11% (89)9% (114)
Father smoker23% (127/560)23% (184/817)
Mean (SD) maternal height (m)1.63 (0.06)1.63 (0.06)
Mean (SD) maternal plasma α-tocopherol (μg/ml)9.7 (2.8)
10.3 (3.0)
Median (range) SIMD quintile4 (1–5)4 (1–5)
  • No differences were seen between the groups.

  • SIMD, Scottish Index for Multiple Deprivation.