Table 1

Characteristics of the study population

IPAH (n=10)Controls (n=10)p Value
 Age (years)40 (30–55)38 (30–55)0.88
 Sex (F/M)7/37/31.00*
 BMI (kg/m2)25 (23–28)24 (21–29)0.76
Pulmonary haemodynamic
 RAP (mm Hg)8 (7–8)NANA
 mPAP (mm Hg)40 (33–60)
 CI 1/min.m23.2 (2.2–3.7)
 PVRi (WU/m2)14 (7–17)
Exercise capacity
  V̇O2 max (ml/kg/min)18.4 (14.8–22.3)31.3 (28.3–34.1)<0.01
  V̇O2 max (% pred)55 (45–61)100 (85–111)<0.01
  V̇E/V̇CO2 slope43 (37–56)31 (27–32)<0.01
  Distance (metres)448 (401–456)679 (619–690)<0.01
  % predicted (%)70 (67–73)106 (97–108)<0.01
  • Values are median (IQR).

  • * Analysed by Fisher exact test.

  • BMI, body mass index; CI, cardiac index; F, female; IET, incremental exercise test; IPAH, idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension; M, male; mPAP, mean pulmonary artery pressure; 6MWT, 6 minute walk test; % pred, percentage of predicted value; PVRi, pulmonary vascular resistance index; RAP, right atrial pressure; V̇CO2, volume of carbon dioxide expired; E, minute ventilation; V̇O2, oxygen uptake; WU, Wood units.