Table 1

Appropriateness and free-text feedback

Was the questionnaire appropriate? (n)Free-text comments made (n)Comments (n with similar theme)
Yes (83)16Positive comments regarding the questionnaire, eg good questions, simple to complete, comprehensive (6).
Given too early, not started treatment yet (5).
Response options in communication and information issues not clear (2).
Good that I did not have to answer questions I did not want to.
Difficult to complete because of small print.
Specific questions considered inappropriate; sexual function (spouse in nursing home); religious needs (atheist).
Unspecified questions considered potentially upsetting to patient by spouse completing questionnaire.
Left blank (14)3Not started chemotherapy yet which may alter the response (2).
I may have different answers on different days.
No (3)1Not had any treatment yet, or know the extent of my illness.