Table 3

Frequency of bacterial pathogens in respiratory cultures

Control (N)Treatment (N)Control (N=308)Treatment (N=368)*Risk difference (95% CI)p Value
Gram-positive bacteria18918861.36%51.09%10.3 (2.8 to 17.8)0.007
Gram-negative bacteria9711336.36%36.14%0.8 (−6.2 to 7.8)0.83
 Non-fermenting bacteria24527.79%14.13%6.4 (1.6 to 11.1)0.009
 Enterobacteriaceae28189.09%4.89%4.2 (0.39 to 8.0)0.03
 Other Gram-negative bacteria454314.61%11.68%2.9 (−2.2 to 8.0)0.26
Yeast and fungi15219049.35%51.63%2.3 (−5.3 to 9.8)0.56
  • * Differences explained by the fact that, in participants reaching the primary efficacy end point, data were analysed from the start of the study until the first full study year after having reached the end point.