Table 2 Examples of oxygen cylinders available in the UK (June 2008) demonstrating duration at standard paediatric flows
Cylinder name and manufacturerUsageWeight (kg)Capacity (l)Duration (h) at 0.5 l/minDuration (h) at 1.0 l/minDuration (h) at 2.0 l/min
B10Air ProductsBack-up15.0212270.735.417.7
ZH2400BOC MedicalBack-up13.9240040.020.0
CDAir ProductsHome use4.146015.07.0
PD430Air LiquideStandard portable3.74307.23.6
Freedom 600Air ProductsHigh capacity portable3.261720.510.35.1
Freedom 400Air ProductsStandard portable3.243014.37.23.6
DD460BOC MedicalStandard portable3.24603.8
ZC300BOC MedicalLight weight portable2.730010.05.02.5
215Air LiquideLight weight portable2.72153.51.6
Freedom 300Air ProductsLight weight portable2.130810.35.12.6