Table 4

Comfort, efficacy and urinary leakage: HFCWO compared with usual ACT

Self reported measureVisual analogue scale score (mm)
Usual ACTHFCWOMean differencep Value
Comfort69 (23)70 (22)−1 (−9 to 7)0.784
Efficacy68 (21)54 (26)14 (6 to 23)0.002
Urinary leakage0 (1)0 (1)−0.05 (−0.3 to 0.4)0.791
  • Data are presented as mean (SD) or (95% CI) as appropriate. Data are adjusted for randomisation, day of treatment and time of treatment using a mixed effects linear regression model.

  • ACT, airway clearance technique; HFCWO, high frequency chest wall oscillation.