Table 4 Results of the respiratory questionnaire by hospital admission status in the first 2 years
RSV(n = 17)Other respiratory(n = 40)Non-respiratory(n = 52)p Value between the three groups
Maternal smoking
    In pregnancy18%23%24%0.879
Breast fed71%51%49%0.289
Family history
    Hay fever53%36%47%0.414
Long haired pets35%29%33%0.867
Parents homeowners88%79%81%0.512
Home oxygen >2 years6%8%0%0.077
    More than once a week12%23%12%0.319
    More than once a week0%8%0%0.319
Use of medication12%33%15%0.081
  • *Only 16 in the RSV group answered the questionnaire about eczema.

  • RSV, respiratory syncytial virus.