Table 1 Summary of baseline patient characteristics and final diagnoses
Number of patients52
    Median (range) age (years)68 (22–89)
    Median (range) age (years)61 (41–86)
Malignant disease (n = 33)
    Small cell lung carcinoma2
    Squamous cell lung carcinoma1
    Bronchogenic carcinoma (radiological diagnosis only)1
Benign disease (n = 19)
    Congestive cardiac failure6
    Benign pleural fibrosis7
    Parapneumonic effusion2
    Tuberculous pleuritis2
    Benign asbestos-related effusion1
    Constrictive pericarditis1
  • *12 cases of mesothelioma were diagnosed histocytologically; the remaining 2 were diagnosed on clinical and radiological follow-up with a history of asbestos exposure.