Table 4

Mean costs (€) per patient per year in patients with and without self-treatment using 2004 prices

Self-treatment(n = 70)Control(n = 72)Difference
Self-management courses117.68111.606.08
Regular medication*761.21644.00117.21
Health care contacts†262.49366.70−104.21
    Patients with an exacerbation280.52 (90%)402.94 (84.7%)
    Patients without an exacerbation100.21 (10%)166.07 (15.3%)
Hospitalisation costs‡823.241020.36−197.12
Medication for exacerbations§75.3051.4023.90
Total costs (€)2039.922194.06−154.14
  • *Includes €6 pharmacy cost and 6% VAT per prescription.

  • †Includes (telephone) consultations with the physician and general practitioner, and emergency room visits.

  • ‡Costs per hospitalisation day: €337 (includes medication costs); mean of 12.21 and 9.08 hospitalisation days per admission and 14 and 24 admissions for the self-treatment and control groups, respectively. The sum of €5227 for hospitalisation costs (as mentioned in the example in the text) are the hospitalisation costs per self-treatment patient having at least one hospitalisation: average cost of a hospitalisation × (total number of hospitalisations in the self-treatment group/total number of intervention patients with >1 exacerbation).

  • §Mean of medically treated exacerbations per patient per year for the self-treatment and control groups, respectively: treatment with prednisolone and antibiotics: 2.31 vs 1.43 (€ 27.69 per exacerbation); treatment with prednisolone only: 0.93 vs 0.82 (€7.79 per exacerbation); and treatment with antibiotics only: 0.21 vs 0.27 (€19.90 per exacerbation).