Table 2 Sites of initial local recurrence and treatment for initial recurrence in 74 patients with resected stage I non-small cell lung cancer with local only recurrence
Site of initial local recurrenceNo of patients (%)Treatment for initial recurrence
NoneWith surgeryC/T and/or R/TUnknown
Without mediastinal recurrence38 (51.4)
    Stump16 (21.6)0574
    Lung18 (24.3)5382
    With pleural effusion4 (5.5)0022
With mediastinal recurrence18 (24.3)
    Stump1 (1.4)0001
    Lung3 (4.1)1020
    With pleural effusion4 (5.5)0022
    Mediastinal recurrence only10 (13.3)1045
Not specified18 (24.3)00117
  • C/T, chemotherapy; R/T, radiotherapy.