Table 4

Patient mortality according to comorbidity

Comorbidity2005 deaths (%)2006 deaths (%)Total (%)
Malignancy (other than bronchial)27.6528.6628.20
Lung cancer25.0725.3325.21
Pulmonary diseases (other than COPD)24.0324.8224.45
Renal diseases20.2021.3020.79
CNS disorders19.2719.5419.41
Cardiac comorbidity17.0617.6317.35
Diabetes mellitus13.4113.8813.66
Liver diseases12.2613.6012.93
No comorbidity12.5013.3512.95
  • Listed are the 10 most frequently recorded comorbidities.

  • Comorbidity as defined was present in 209 997 patients. Of these, 36 604 (17.43%) died.

  • CNS, central nervous system; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.