Table 1 Prevalences of abnormal gastro-oesophageal reflux (pH testing) and of delayed gastric emptying (nuclear medicine study)
Lung disease groupStudyPatient populationNo of patientsManometryAbnormal distal reflux (%)Abnormal proximal reflux (%)Delayed gastric emptyingComment
Usual interstitial pneumoniaTobin 199815IPF Clinic17Selected patients8871%Manometry not used
Raghu 200617IPF Clinic65Yes7663Some subjects taking PPIs and pH probe placement varied
Salvioli 200618IPF Clinic18Selected patients67Manometry not used
Sweet 200719Pre-transplant30Yes6730
Cystic fibrosisLedson 199826CF Clinic10Yes80Patients with symptoms selected
Button 200523Pre-transplant11No91UndefinedSome subjects taking PPIs, 1 patient s/p fundoplication
Button 200523Post-transplant13No85UndefinedSome subjects taking PPIs, 1 patient s/p fundoplication
Bodet-Milin 200627Pre-transplant3067%
Connective tissue diseaseJohnson 198910Rheumatology Clinic13Yes54Undefined
Bassotti 199729Dermatology Clinic78Yes78Acid suppression not withheld prior to study
Gasper 2007*Transplant Clinic23Yes83306 of 8 (75%)
COPDAndersen 198930COPD Clinic55Yes49
Casanova 200431COPD Clinic42Yes62
Pre-lung transplantCantu 200540Transplant Clinic36Yes63PPI withheld for 5 days
D’Ovidio 200524Transplant Clinic78Yes322013 of 27 (44%)PPI withheld for 5 days
Sweet 200625Transplant Clinic109Yes6837
Post-lung transplantCantu 200540Transplant Clinic167Yes76PPI withheld for 5 days
Berkowitz 199546Transplant Clinic3824%Studied both lung and heart–lung transplant patients
D’Ovidio 200645Transplant Clinic50, 30Yes26, 500–14 and 10–1739 of 43 (91%)Patients studied at 2 time points: 3 and 12 months after transplant
  • *Unpublished data.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; IPF, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis; PPIs, proton pump inhibitors; s/p, status post.