Table 3 Measurements before and 20 min after placebo in children with asthma
Asthmatic children
Pre-placeboPost-placebop Value (post-placebo vs pre-placebo)
Mean (SD) FEV1 z-score−1.036 (1.14)−0.97 (1.17)0.45
Mean (SD) LCI6.69 (1.01)6.71 (1.23)0.83
Mean (SD) Scond0.033 (0.03)0.033 (0.02)0.90
Mean (SD) Sacin0.14 (0.09)0.16 (0.12)0.46
  • FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; LCI, lung clearance index; Sacin, Scond, phase III (alveolar) slope of the acinar and conductive airways, respectively.