Abstract P196 Table
Control group (n  =  118) vsnIndicationsTechnicalPracticalPublished evidence
Junior R&CC nurse370.
Senior R&CC nurse39−0.2−0.2−0.50.0
Senior 2 R&CC physiotherapist29−1.1*−3.7*−2.4*−0.9*
Senior 1 R&CC physiotherapist28−1.6*−3.1*−2.5*−1.1*
R&CC FY1-212−0.80.4−0.6−0.6
R&CC ST1-230−1.1*−2.1*−1.8*−0.7*
R&CC ST3/SpR47−2.0*−3.1*−2.8*−1.1*
R&CC consultant53−2.2*−2.8*−3.0*−1.2*
  • Mean difference between control group and other groups surveyed (*p<0.05). FY, foundation year; R&CC, respiratory and critical care; SpR, specialist registrar; ST, specialist trainee.