Table 1

Characteristics of the California Teachers Study population and prevalence of current asthma

NoPercentage of total study subjectsPercentage with current asthma
    Black or African American19902.37.6
    Hispanic or Latina32313.78.8
    Asian or Pacific Islander30363.46.8
Age in 2000–2001 (years)
Cigarette smoking
BMI at baseline (kg/m2)
    16–18.5 (underweight)21562.46.6
    18.5–24.9 (normal weight)4953356.16.3
    25–29.9 (overweight)2165724.58.2
    30–34.9 (obese, class I)75888.610.9
    35–39.9 (obese, class II)25782.913.4
    ⩾40 (obese, class III)13341.518.3
    Unknown or out of range34583.97.3
BMI at age 18 (kg/m2)
    <25 (not overweight)7536285.37.4
    25–29.9 (overweight)62907.18.8
    ⩾30 (obese)22202.512.5
    Unknown or out of range44325.07.4
Weight gain since age 18
    Lost weight1504417.06.7
    ⩽25th percentile (<5 kg)1739219.75.8
    25–49th percentile (5–10 kg)1741619.76.7
    50–74th percentile (10.1–18 kg)1614618.37.5
    ⩾75th percentile (⩾18.1 kg)1834920.811.0
Percentile* of waist circumference
    ⩽25th percentile (<72.4 cm)1846120.95.9
    25–49th percentile (72.4–80 cm)1859721.16.5
    50–74th percentile (80.1–90 cm)1632918.57.5
    ⩾75th percentile (⩾90.1 cm)1795920.310.0
    Unknown or ineligible1695819.28.4
Percentile* of waist-to-height ratio
    ⩽25th percentile (⩽0.441)1745819.85.7
    25–49th percentile (0.442–0.484)1731019.66.6
    50–74th percentile (0.485–0.546)1825320.77.2
    ⩾75th percentile (⩾0.547)1760519.910.1
    Unknown or ineligible1767820.08.3
  • p<0.01 for all variables (χ2 test).

  • *Percentiles based only on women with non-missing values.

  • BMI, body mass index.