Table 1

Occupations at risk of mortality from occupational asthma

Occupations commonly reported to European surveillance schemes as at particular risk of occupational asthma
Ameille (2003)9Bakers and pastry makers, health workers, spray painters, hairdressers, woodworkers, farmers and stockbreeders, cleaners, laboratory technicians, welders, textile workers
Kogevinas (1999)10Farmers, other painters, plastics, cleaners, spray painters, agricultural, other non-metal non-electrical, textiles, glass and ceramics, chemicals, construction and mining, welders, bakers, metal-making, other food
McDonald (2000)11Laboratory technicians and assistants, nurses, farm and farm hands, woodworkers, food processors (excluding bakers), bakers, plastic workers, chemical processors, other material processors (excluding metal and electrical), welders, solderers and electronic assembly workers, coach and other spray painters
Karjalainen (2000)12*Veterinary workers, agricultural forestry and fishery workers, farmers, animal husbandry workers, other farming and animal husbandry work, welders and flame cutters, floor layers, plywood and fibreboard workers, woodworking machine operatives, other painters and lacquerers, bakers, butchers and sausage makers, process food preparers, other food and beverage manufacturing work, other chemical processing workers, plastic product workers, chefs, cooks and cool buffet managers, hairdressers and beauticians
Exposures/occupations linked with deaths from occupational asthma
Fabbri (1988)13 Carino (1997)14Isoscyates
Ehlich (1994)15Baker
Liss (1999)16Wood dust, persuphate
Ortega (2002)17 (review)Laboratory work, food processing, baking, milling, autobody painting
  • *Male occupations with an annual incidence rate at least twice that of all occupations combined.