Table 5 Predictive value of haemodynamic measurements in community acquired pneumonia
PPV (%)NPV (%)Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)AUCp Value
Prediction of 30 day mortality
    Systolic blood pressure <90 mm Hg30.793.341.189.90.70 (0.67–0.74)<0.0001
    Diastolic blood pressure ⩽60 mm Hg14.292.853.764.70.59 (0.56–0.62)0.006
    Mean arterial pressure <70 mm Hg18.392.943.379.50.64 (0.61–0.67)0.001
    Pulse pressure ⩽40 mmHg14.293.053.664.40.60 (0.56–0.63)0.003
Prediction of need for mechanical ventilation and/or inotropic support
    Systolic blood pressure <90 mm Hg35.493.344.690.50.70 (0.67–0.73)<0.0001
    Diastolic blood pressure ⩽60 mm Hg18.494.365.366.20.68 (0.65–0.72)<0.0001
    Mean arterial pressure <70 mm Hg24.594.857.781.30.69 (0.66–0.72)<0.0001
    Pulse pressure ⩽40 mm Hg15.392.754.465.60.59 (0.56–0.63)0.002
  • AUC, area under the receiver operator characteristic curve; NPV, negative predictive value; PPV, positive predictive value.