Table 2 Differences between the exercise and control groups following intervention
Mean difference (95% CI)p Value
6MWD (m)35 (6–64)0.01
Walk velocity (km/h)0.33 (0.01–0.65)0.003
Vo2peak (ml×kg/min)0.70 (−0.30–1.68)0.16
HRmax (bpm)1.8 (−2.8–6.5)0.43
V.emax (l/min)4.7 (−0.1–9.5)0.06
Wmax (W)3.5 (−0.44–7.39)0.08
Test duration (min)0.91 (−0.04–1.86)0.06
HR isowork (bpm)−6.6 (−11.7–−1.52)0.01
V.e isowork (l/min)−1.4 (−5.94–3.1)0.53
MRC dyspnoea score0.7 (0.1–1.3)0.04
CRDQ Dyspnoea3.1 (0.1–6.1)0.04
CRDQ Fatigue2.9 (0.8–5.0)0.009
CRDQ Mastery1.8 (−0.2–3.7)0.07
CRDQ Emotional function3.7 (−0.2–8.2)0.10
  • Data are exercise group − control group.

  • 6MWD, six minute walk distance; CRDQ, Chronic Respiratory Disease Questionnaire; HR isowork, heart rate at maximum isoworkload; HRmax, maximum heart rate; MRC, modified Medical Research Council dyspnoea score; V.e isowork, ventilation at maximum isoworkload; V.emax, maximum minute ventilation; Vo2 peak, peak oxygen uptake; Wmax, maximum workload.