Table 3 Health economic costs of the pulmonary rehabilitation programme
Treatment (n = 61)Control (n = 61)
GP unscheduled contacts171280
Cost of GP consultations (Curtis 2006)*£5301£8680
Cost of self management education (1 hr group sessions n = 8 and 1 home visit (approx 70 min))81 nurse hours =  £2511No self management education/home visits given
Travel costs for home visits (Netten 2006)£37.21£0
Routine follow-up calls for patients (by nurses)547 calls, 48 hours (total length)No follow-up calls
Cost £28.82Cost £0
Nurse costs for telephone calls£1488
TotalNurse costs (£2511 + £1488) + telephone calls (£28.82) + unscheduled healthcare costs (£5301)
Approx cost of intervention (per patient)£66
Mean cost of unscheduled healthcare for all in the intervention group(171×£31)/61 = £86.90(280×£31)/61 = £142.30
Total cost (per patient)£153£142.30
  • *Curtis L, Netter A, Unit costs of health and social care 2006. Kent: Personal Social Services Research Unit, University of Kent at Canterbury, 2006. ISSN 1368-230X.