Table 1 Reasons for patients being regarded as unsuitable to be included in the trial (n = 277)
  • Alternative diagnosis, no evidence of COPD: 122 (44.1%)

    These were mainly because perusal of the notes gave clear evidence of another major pulmonary condition, such as asthma, diffuse parenchymal lung disease or bronchiectasis
  • Psychosocial problems and significant cognitive impairment: 68 (28.5%)

    (eg, dementia, blindness, alcohol abuse, psychiatric illness, homelessness or in prison)
  • Severe limiting comorbidity involving other major organ systems: 50 (18.1%)

    (mainly cardiac but also cancer and alcohol related liver disease, etc)
  • Factors limiting mobility and locomotion: 37 (13.3%)

    (housebound, wheelchair bound, previous cerebrovascular accident, severe arthritis)