Table 3 Summary of the new criteria used to define successful and unsuccessful tuberculosis treatment outcome in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
UK outcome categoriesModified criteria for monitoring clinical outcome
Completed treatmentAll cases
DiedTuberculosis incidental to deathTuberculosis caused death, contributed to death or relationship between the two unknown
Still on treatmentStill on initially planned course of treatment; had treatment changed or extended as a result of drug intolerance, adverse side effects or initial drug resistance; failure to culture or smear convert from positive to negative; and poor clinical response on treatment.Any other reason mentioned in table 2 as reason for still being on treatment, but not mentioned under successful outcome.
Lost to follow-upAll the cases
Stopped treatmentAll cases who interrupted treatment with no justifiable reason.
UnknownAll (treatment details not available)
  • All cases that left the country before the treatment completion point were considered to have a “neutral” outcome and were dropped from the analysis.