Table 1 COPD: summary of follow-up for patients13
Mild to moderate COPDSevere COPD
Frequency of follow-upAt least annualAt least twice per year
VaccinationOffer annual influenza vaccinationOffer annual influenza vaccination
Offer pneumococcal vaccinationOffer pneumococcal vaccination
Areas assessedSmoking statusSmoking status
Management of symptoms:Management of symptoms
Activity limitation due to breathlessnessActivity limitation due to breathlessness
Frequency of exacerbationsFrequency of exacerbations
Efficacy of mediationsPresence of cor pulmonale
Inhaler techniqueNeed for treatment escalation
Need for specialist referralNeed for long-term oxygen therapy
Need for pulmonary rehabilitationNeed for social services support
Nutritional input
Need for specialist referral
Need for pulmonary rehabilitation
Measurements to makeFEV1, FVCFEV1, FVC
BMI calculationBMI calculation
MRC dyspnoea scoreMRC dyspnoea score
Oxygen saturationOxygen saturation
  • FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC, forced vital capacity; BMI, body mass index; MRC, Medical Research Council.