Table 4 Measurement of smoking reinforcement using the modified Cigarette Evaluation Questionnaire (mCEQ): repeated measures analysis of data for weeks 1–7 only in those who had smoked since their last visit
NLS Mean (SE)*Varenicline vs NRT
Difference (SE)95% CIp ValueEffect size†
    Smoking satisfaction3612.73 (0.09)–0.54 (0.12)–0.77 to –0.31<0.001–0.43
    Psychological reward3612.30 (0.07)–0.32 (0.10)–0.51 to –0.130.001–0.26
    Enjoyment of respiratory tract sensations3582.04 (0.08)–0.39 (0.11)–0.60 to –0.17<0.001–0.25
    Craving reduction3603.62 (0.10)–0.52 (0.14)–0.79 to –0.24<0.001–0.32
    Aversion3611.76 (0.07)–0.07 (0.09)–0.25 to 0.110.436–0.08
    Smoking satisfaction3543.27 (0.08)
    Psychological reward3542.61 (0.07)
    Enjoyment of respiratory tract sensations3532.42 (0.08)
    Craving reduction3544.14 (0.10)
    Aversion3541.83 (0.06)
  • NRT, nicotine replacement therapy.

  • N, total number of participants contributing to the repeated measures analysis. To be included subjects must have completed a questionnaire at baseline and at one or more post-baseline visits. This includes those who smoked during the first week of treatment, which was before the target quit date.

  • *Higher scores indicate greater intensity of smoking effects. Response scale: 1 (not at all) to 7 (extreme).

  • †Effect size, LS mean difference divided by the pooled SD at baseline (pooled by centre).