Table 3 Associations between maternal food intake during pregnancy with wheeze and atopy in Menorcan children at age 6.5 years
Maternal food intake during pregnancyMedian (servings per week)Prevalence (%) of the outcomes at age 6.5 years
Persistent wheeze† (n = 37)Atopy‡ (n = 70)Atopic wheeze‡ (n = 20)
Mediterranean diet components
    Fruits and nuts⩽151612.503717.87105.85
    Red meat⩾3.251716.502316.3197.63
    White meat⩾2.51012.502117.6577.00
    Dairy products⩽231814.063416.83126.90
  • All models were adjusted for gender, maternal and paternal asthma, maternal social class and education, body mass index and total energy intake at age 6.5 years.

  • Also adjusted for: †firstborn and lower respiratory track infections at age 1; ‡birth weight and maternal atopy.

  • n, number of cases; %, prevalence of outcome.

  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01.