Table 2 Association of children’s adherence to a Mediterranean diet with wheeze and atopy in Menorcan children at age 6.5 years
KidMed Scorep Value for trend
Medium (4–6) OR (95% CI)High (⩾7) OR (95% CI)
Persistent wheeze at 6.5 years* (n = 37)0.44 (0.10–1.91)0.46 (0.10–2.17)0.523
Atopic wheeze at 6.5 years† (n = 20)0.51 (0.09–2.89)0.64 (0.10–4.06)0.902
Atopy† (n = 70)0.58 (0.23–1.45)0.49 (0.18–1.32)0.213
  • All models were adjusted for gender, maternal and paternal asthma, maternal social class and education, BMI and total energy intake at age 6.5 years.

  • The reference group included those children that were in the low level of adherence to a Mediterranean diet according to the KidMed index (KidMed Score ⩽3).

  • Also adjusted for: *firstborn and lower respiratory track infections at age 1; †birth weight and maternal atopy.