Table 1 Adherence to a Mediterranean diet according to the KidMed index* in Menorcan children at age 6.5 years
All children (n = 460)Females (n = 228)Males (n = 232)
Mediterranean diet components
    Fruit or fruit juice daily+1398(86.5)193(84.7)205(88.4)
    Second serving of fruit daily+1201(43.7)98(43.0)103(44.4)
    Fresh or cooked vegetables daily+1228(49.6)109(47.8)119(51.3)
    Fresh or cooked vegetables >1/day+124(5.2)9(4.0)15(6.5)
    Legumes ⩾1/week+1406(88.3)197(86.4)209(90.1)
    Regular fish consumption (at least 2–3/week)+1381(82.8)188(82.5)193(83.2)
    Cereals for breakfast ⩾1/day+186(18.7)37(16.2)49(21.1)
    Pasta or rice almost daily (⩾ 5/week)+1274(59.6)129(56.6)145(62.5)
    Dairy product (milk, yogurt or cheese) daily+1459(99.8)228(99.6)231(99.6)
    Two dairy products daily+1433(94.1)211(92.5)222(95.7)
    Regular nut consumption (2–3/week)+177(16.7)41(18.0)36(15.5)
    Use of olive oil at home daily+1347(75.4)173(75.9)174(75.0)
    Fast food consumption (hamburger) >1/week−1157(34.1)72(31.6)85(36.6)
    Sweets–pastries ⩾1/day−1450(97.8)225(98.7)225(97.0)
KidMed Score
    Low (⩽3)43(9.3)23(10.1)20(8.6)
    Medium (4–6)247(53.7)122(53.5)125(53.9)
    High (⩾7)170(37.0)83(36.4)87(37.5)
  • *The KidMed index was slightly modified so as to adapt to the study population.