Table 5 Outcome from lung transplantation for interstitial lung disease
SpirometryMild to moderate restrictionMild restriction
TlcoModerately reducedMildly reduced
Resting Sao2NormalNormal
Peak exercise Sao2Mild desaturationNo desaturation
SMWTImproved to 480–670 mImproved to 600–700 m
Vo2peak41–58% predicted40–59% predicted
QOLSubstantially improvedSubstantially improved
  • SLTx, single lung transplantation; BLTx, bilateral lung transplantation; Tlco, carbon monoxide transfer factor; Sao2, arterial oxygen saturation; SMWT, 6 min walking test; Vo2peak, peak oxygen consumption; QOL, quality of life.