Table 1 Characteristics of the patients with allergic asthma
SexAge (y)Duration of asthma (y)FEV1 (l)FEV1 (% pred)Total IgE (kU/l)Specific IgE (kU/l)AllergenDose (AU)Medication
F24113.39522656.6D pter10BA
M34245.712412735.2Birch23BA, IC
F*2424.01056413.8D pter2BA, CR, OAH
F26103.610112134.5Birch28BA, OAH
F2523.9123205.3Birch14BA, IC
F20143.9112204727.5Birch53BA, IC
F23153.59256477.1D pter25BA
F25173.294964.0Birch30BA, IC
F*2534.01056416.9D pter2BA, CR
F24213.51021555.2Rye4BA, CR
M20134.811414118.7Rye1150BA, CR
F2333.8998320.9Rye1430BA, IC
F28102.8105226.9Birch64BA, CR, IC
M24174.69436866.3D pter49BA, CR, OAH
M2444.81051048.3D pter71BA
M2344.810762246.8D pter2180BA, IC
  • Sex, age and duration of asthma of the patients, prebronchodilator FEV1, medication prior to the study (BA, CR, IC, OAH), serum levels of total (normal range <100 kU/l) and allergen specific (normal range <0.7 kU/l) IgE and the allergen and dose used for segmental allergen challenge.

  • *One patient participated once in the 24 h protocol and once in the 72 h protocol with 15 months in between.

  • AU, allergen units; BA, inhaled β2 agonist; CR, cromoglycate; D pter, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; IC, inhaled corticosteroid; IgE, immunoglobulin E; OAH, oral antihistamine.