Table 1 Methods of calculating the asthma score and the severity of asthma*
VariableAsthma scoring
1 point2 points3 points
Respiratory rate (breaths/min)
    2–3 years⩽3435–39⩾40
    4–5 years⩽3031–35⩾36
    6–12 years⩽2627–30⩾31
    >12 years⩽2324–27⩾28
Haemoglobin saturation> 95% with room air90–95% with room air or ⩾90% with supplemental oxygen<90% with room air or supplemental oxygen
AuscultationNormal breathing or end-expiratory wheezingExpiratory wheezingInspiratory and expiratory wheezing, diminished breath sounds, or both
RetractionsNone or intercostalIntercostal and substernalIntercostal, substernal and supraclavicular
DyspnoeaSpeaks in sentences or coos and babblesSpeaks in partial sentences or utters short criesSpeaks in single words or short phrases or grunts
Severity of asthma
Asthma score 5–78–1112–15
  • *The overall asthma score (scale 5–15 points) was calculated by adding the scores for each of the following five variables: respiratory rate, haemoglobin saturation, auscultation, retractions and dyspnoea.14