Table 2 Pathology of 11 biopsy specimens from children with ABCA3 mutations
PatientsAge at biopsyMajor histological patternPneumocyte hyperplasiaReactive interstitiumProteinosisCholesterol cleftsAlveolar macrophagesLobular remodellingLymphocytic inflammationLymphoid aggregatesFibrosisIronLamellar dense bodies
1A3 weeksPAP++++++++++
21 monthDIP++++++++++++++
33 monthsPAP++++++++++++
42 yearsDIP+++++++++++++/−+++++
52 yearsNSIP/ ELP+++++++++++/−++ND
1B4 yearsNSIP/ ELP+++++++++++++ND
6A4 yearsNSIP/ ELP++++++++++++++++++ND
76 yearsNSIP/ ELP+++++++++++++++
86 yearsNSIP/ ELP++++++++++++++++ND
98 yearsNSIP+++++++++++++ND
6B9 yearsNSIP/ ELP+++++++++++++++++++ND
  • PAP, pulmonary alveolar proteinosis; DIP, desquamative interstitial pneumonia; NSIP, non-specific interstitial pneumonia; ELP, endogenous lipoid pneumonia; ND, no data (not done or inadequate specimen).

  • +, rare/few foci/mild; ++, occasional/scattered foci/moderate; +++, frequent/many foci/severe; +/−, early fibroplasia without organised fibrosis.