Table 3 Regression coefficients, confidence intervals and p values from multivariate regression model in which FEF25–75 at 11 years of age was the outcome variable
Regression coefficient(95% CI)p Value
Height at age 11 years3.266 (2.124 to 4.409)<0.001
PD20 <7.8 μg histamine at age 11 years−0.246 (−0.439 to −0.053)0.013
Log V′maxFRC/length at 1 month1.127 (0.496 to 1.758)0.001
% change in V′maxFRC between 1 and 12 months0.012 (0.001 to 0.024)0.039
% change in weight between 1 and 12 months0.003 (0.000 to 0.006)0.068
  • FEF25–75, mid expiratory flow; PD20, dose of histamine provoking a fall in forced expiratory volume in 1 s of ⩾20%; V′maxFRC, maximal flow at functional residual capacity;

  • Data from 121 individuals are included. Neither birth weight, exclusive breast feeding to 6 months of age nor atopy at 11 years were related to FEF25–75 and did not remain in the model. There was a significant (p = 0.031) and positive interaction term between percentage change in weight and height at 11 years.