Table 1 Clinical characteristics, radiographic findings, endobronchial ultrasound transbronchial needle aspiration results and method of final diagnosis in 25 patients with mediastinal adenopathy with a suspicion of lymphoma
Patient no/sex/agePre EBUS diagnosis(years in remission)Node characteristicsEBUS result (no of stations)Follow-upFinal diagnosis by WHO classification (method)
StationEBUS size (mm)CT size(mm)PET SUV
1/M/61NHL small cell lymphoma (1)718184.2Lymphoma (n = 2)Lymphoma treatmentSmall lymphocytic lymphoma (C,I,Fl)
2/M/64NHL small cell lymphoma (3)4L1421n/pLymphomaLymphoma treatmentSmall lymphocytic lymphoma (C,I,Fl)
3/F/70NHL small cell lymphoma (3)7995.1Lymphoma (n = 2)Lymphoma treatmentSmall lymphocytic lymphoma (C,I,Fl)
4/F/75Discordant NHL (4)4L793.94L: NormalLymphoma treatmentFollicular lymphoma* (C,I,Fl)
10R12134.410R Lymphoma
5/F/63NHL large cell lymphoma (1)714138.97: LymphomaLymphoma treatmentLarge cell lymphoma (C,I)
6/F/61NHL large cell s/p BMT (1)791418.27: LymphomaLymphoma treatmentLarge cell lymphoma** (C,I)
7/M/67Mantle cell lymphoma (1)4R1113n/p4R: LymphomaLymphoma treatmentMantle cell lymphoma (C,I,Fl)
11R1916n/p11R: Lymphoma
8/F/34Hodgkin’s lymphoma (1)713177.97: Hodgkin’sLymphoma treatmentHodgkin’s lymphoma (C,I)
11R121815.611R: Normal
9/M/49Hodgkin’s lymphoma (7)7141220.77: Normal12 months: PET/CT resolution of lymphadenopathySarcoid-like lymphadenopathy
11R141013.711R: Granuloma
10/M/65NHL small cell lymphoma (6)11R10114.8Reactive hyperplasia11 months: PET/CT resolution of lymphadenopathyBenign lymphadenopathy
11/M/70NHL small cell lymphoma (1)4R741.8Reactive hyperplasia (n = 4)9 months: CT resolution of lymphadenopathyPseudomonas pneumonia
12/F/48Hodgkin’s lymphoma s/p BMT4R8183.7No lymphocytes (n = 2)12 months: CT resolution of lymphadenopathyDrug-induced pneumonitis
13/F/73Mycosis fungoides4R10194.5Reactive hyperplasia (n = 3)16 months: CT no changeBenign lymphadenopathy
14/M49?Lymphoma7204021.2Hodgkin’s lymphoma (n = 2)Lymphoma treatmentHodgkin’s lymphoma† (C,I,H)
15/F/27?Lymphoma11R714n/p11R: LymphomaLymphoma treatmentHodgkin’s lymphoma†† (C,I,H)
16/M/70?Lymphoma71316n/pNormal8 months:‡ CT reduction in sizeFollicular lymphoma§ (C,I)
17/M/65?Lymphoma11R1093.6Normal10 months: PET/CT no changeLymphoproliferative disorder‡‡
18/F/69?Lymphoma4R17136.4Reactive hyperplasia (n = 2)7 months: PET/CTreduction in SUV and sizeChronic eosinophilicPneumonia
19/M/44?Lymphoma4R1011n/pGranuloma (n = 2)19 months: CT stableSarcoidosis
20/F/48?Lymphoma4R1015n/pNormal (n = 2)9 months: CT stableSarcoidosis¶
21/F/56?Lymphoma4R1717n/pGranuloma (n = 2)18 months: CT reduction in sizeSarcoidosis¶
22/F/59?Lymphoma4L15169.24L: Granuloma1 month: CT stableSarcoidosis¶
712126.57: Normal
11R9107.911R: Inadequate
23/M/77?Lymphoma4R1215n/p4R: Normal15 months: CT reduction in sizeSarcoidosis
7117n/p7: Granuloma
11R1310n/p11R: Normal
24/M/42?Lymphoma3P1918n/pGranuloma (n = 3)4 months: CT reduction in sizeSarcoidosis
25/F/51?Lymphoma4R715n/pGranuloma (n = 2)10 months: CT reduction in sizeSarcoidosis
  • BMT, bone marrow transplant; C, cytology; EBUS, endobronchial ultrasound; Fl, flow cytometry; H, histology; I, immunohistochemistry; N/A, not applicable, NHL, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer; n/p, not performed; S/P status post; Max PET SUV, maximum positron emission tomography standardised uptake value.

  • *Atypical cells consistent with follicular lymphoma confirmed by flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry from supraclavicular lymph node aspiration. †Confirmed by mediastinoscopy. ‡Despite no lymphoma therapy. §Diagnosed by CT-guided mesenteric lymph node biopsy. ¶Granuloma identified by other diagnostic test. **Repeat CT 6 weeks later identified a new posterior mediastinal mass which also positive for lymphoma by CT-guided fine needle aspiration. ††Bone marrow and endobronchial biopsies also positive for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. ‡‡Oral Epstein-Barr virus-associated lymphoproliferative lesion (spontaneous resolution).