Table 4 Summary of phase II trials of chemotherapy for mesothelioma
Chemotherapy regimen(s)Number in studyTumour response (partial)Medial survival (months)Symptom relief (%)CommentsReference
Mitomycin, vinblastine, cisplatin (MVP)39 (extended study 150)20% (extended study 15%)6 (extended study 7)62110, 111
Vinorelbine29 (extended study 65)24% (extended study 21%)10.6 (extended study 13)50112, 113
Gemcitabine and cisplatin2147.6%9.5Benefit reported in symptoms114
Other gemcitabine and cisplatin studies16–33%9.6–13115–117
Irinotecan, cisplatin, mitomycin35%Response in 30% of patients previously receiving chemotherapy119