Table 3

 Characteristics of mothers and children and prevalence of respiratory and atopic symptoms

Maternal characteristicsn = 1253Children’s characteristicsn = 1253
FFQ, food frequency questionnaire; IQR, interquartile range.
Age at recruitment (mean, 95% CI)29.9 (29.6 to 30.2)Male (%)630 (50.3%)
Partner’s social class (% non-manual)767 (61.2%)Birth weight (g) (mean, 95% CI)3458 (3426 to 3489)
Age left full time education (median, IQR)18.5 (16.0–21.0)Ever breast fed74.3%
FFQ returned1212 (96.7%)
Smoking during pregnancy288 (23.0%)
Prevalence of respiratory and allergic symptoms
Ever wheezed415 (33.1%)Wheeze in last 12 months162 (12.9%)
Current asthma125 (10.0%)Wheeze in absence of cold in last 12 months84 (6.7%)
Ever had asthma189 (15.1%)Ever wheezed253 (20.2%)
Asthma medication123 (9.8%)Asthma and wheeze in last 12 months107 (8.5%)
Ever had hay fever313 (25.0%)Doctor confirmed asthma145 (11.6%)
Ever had eczema213 (17.0%)Ever had asthma156 (12.5%)
Atopic sensitisation448 (35.8%)Doctor confirmed eczema380 (30.4%)
Current eczema treatment191 (15.3%)
Ever had eczema406 (32.4%)
Doctor confirmed hay fever68 (5.4%)
Current hay fever medication44 (3.5%)
Ever had hay fever111 (8.9%)
Atopic sensitisation (n = 699)149 (21.3%)