Table 3 Association between current asthma status and serum adiponectin concentration in premenopausal women, with and without adjusting for adiposity
Premenopausal women
No with current asthma/totalOR (95% CI)
1st tertile62/4951
2nd tertile51/4870.87 (0.57 to 1.33)
3rd tertile19/4090.38 (0.21 to 0.69)
p Value for Wald χ20.004
Adiponectin adjusted for BMI
1st tertile62/4951
2nd tertile51/4870.93 (0.61 to 1.42)
3rd tertile19/4090.46 (0.26 to 0.84)
p Value for Wald χ20.03
  • Covariates adjusted in each logistic regression model include age, race, smoking status, ln(physical activity), history of diabetes and ln(insulin resistance).

  • Adiponectin tertile cut-off points used in the above analysis were derived from premenopausal women (1.2–9.0, 9.0–15.0 and 15.0–94.8 mg/l).

  • When the third tertile of adiponectin was further split into two halves, the more extreme half had the lowest odds ratio. Similar trends were obtained when ln (adiponectin) was used as a continuous (instead of categorical) independent variable in the above analysis.

  • BMI, body mass index; CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio.