Table 4 Stratified analysis of the association between current asthma and BMI categories in premenopausal women according to tertiles of serum adiponectin concentration
Tertiles of adiponectinBMI categoryPremenopausal women
No with current asthma/totalOR (95% CI)
Tertile 1Underweight and normal weight5/881
Overweight10/1301.82 (0.58 to 5.72)
Obese47/2775.77 (1.96 to 17.01)
p Value for Wald χ20.001
Tertile 2Underweight and normal weight15/1861
Overweight14/1451.21 (0.56 to 2.62)
Obese22/1561.93 (0.87 to 4.24)
p Value for Wald χ20.24
Tertile 3Underweight and normal weight8/2591
Overweight8/982.30 (0.80 to 6.63)
Obese3/521.11 (0.24 to 5.14)
p Value for Wald χ20.26
  • All models were adjusted for age, race, smoking status, ln(physical activity), history of diabetes and ln(insulin resistance).

  • The interactions between BMI categories and serum adiponectin on current asthma status were not significant (p = 0.45). Similar results were obtained when BMI and ln(adiponectin) were used as continuous variables (p = 0.75).

  • Adiponectin tertile cut-off points used in the above analysis were derived from premenopausal women (1.2–9.0, 9.0–15.0 and 15.0–94.8 mg/l).

  • Similar results were obtained when the underweight and normal weight categories were analysed separately with the latter serving as the referent category.

  • BMI categories are defined as follows: underweight <18.5 kg/m2; normal weight 18.5–24.9 kg/m2; overweight 25.0–29.9 kg/m2; obese ⩾30 kg/m2.

  • BMI, body mass index; CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio.