Table 3 Clinical cure estimates and confidence intervals in the two treatment arms
All subjects included (n = 660)Subjects with normal x ray* (n = 559)HIV+/ve (n = 131)HIV−/ve (n = 529)
Cumulative proportion cured84.0%81.7%84.7%82.2%83.8%77.2%84.0%82.4%
Difference in cure rates2.3%2.5%6.6%1.6%
95% CI for difference−8.6% to 4.0%−9.2% to 4.2%−21.7% to 8.6%−8.5% to 5.3%
  • *After enrolment and randomisation, 101 subjects were determined to have an abnormal chest x ray by the consultant radiologist, leaving 559 evaluable participants.