Table 5 International comparison of inpatient management for infants with acute bronchiolitis
Canada 1994*Europe 1995†Australia 1998‡SwitzerlandBelgium 2003¶
Salbutamol (%)
    All patients856175518NA
    Only high risk patientsNA341213NA
Steroids (%)
    All patients281112772
    Only high risk patientsNA69226820
Ribavirin (%)
    All patients60000NA
    Only high risk patientsNA571168NA
  • *Retrospective study in hospitals.18 †Questionnaire survey with specialised paediatric infectious disease physicians.17 ‡Questionnaire survey with paediatricians—response rate 62%.21 §Current study. ¶Questionnaire survey with paediatricians—response rate 40%. NA, not available.28