Table 1 Clinical characteristics of 149 with patients with ALI/ARDS
Age (years)48.6 (17.4)
    Female (n (%))49 (33)
    Male (n (%))100 (67)
SAPS II44.3 (14.6)
APACHE II19.9 (7.8)
LIS2.6 (0.5)
Mechanical ventilation variables
    Vt (ml/kg PBW)7.6 (2.1)
    PEEP (cm H2O)7.6 (3.0)
    f22.5 (8.1)
    Fio20.8 (0.2)
    Pao2/Fio2 (kPa)19.2 (9.5)
    OI (cm H2O/kPa)89.3 (59.3)
    pH7.34 (0.1)
    Base deficit−3.44 (6.4)
    Crs (ml/cm H2O)28.2 (10.3)
Aetiology of ALI/ARDS (n (%))
    Pneumonia47 (32)
    Sepsis33 (22)
    Aspiration16 (11)
    Probable TRALI11 (7)
    Trauma10 (7)
    Pancreatitis8 (5)
    Other or unknown24 (16)
Underlying medical conditions (n (%))
    Cirrhosis22 (14)
    HIV/AIDS18 (12)
    Heart transplant8 (5)
    Metastatic cancer (solid tumour)7 (4)
    Haematological cancer5 (3)
    Bone marrow transplantation3 (2)
  • Data are mean (SD) or n (%).

  • AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; ALI, acute lung injury; ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome; APACHE, Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation; Crs, respiratory system compliance; f, respiratory frequency; Fio2, inspired oxygen fraction; HIV, human immunodeficiency virus; LIS, lung injury score; OI, oxygenation index; Pao2, arterial oxygen partial pressure; PBW, predicted body weight; PEEP, positive end expiratory pressure; SAPS II, Severe Acute Physiology Score II; TRALI, transfusion related lung injury; Vt, tidal volume.