Table 2 Correlates (r) of 6-month fall in 24 hMBP (bivariate analysis)
Correlation coefficient (r)95% CIp Value
Baseline ESS−0.23−0.002 to −0.440.045
Change in ESS0.390.18 to 0.57<0.001
Baseline 24 hMBP−0.60−0.43 to −0.73<0.001
Time below Sao2 90%−0.25−0.02 to −0.450.047
Baseline BMI−0.39−0.18 to −0.57<0.001
Baseline waist/height ratio−0.37−0.16 to −0.55<0.001
Change in pulse rate0.440.24 to 0.61<0.001
Compliance−0.04−0.26 to 0.190.75
Change in caffeine consumption−0.002−0.25 to 0.210.86
  • BMI, body mass index; ESS, Epworth Sleepiness Score; 24 hMBP, mean 24 h blood pressure; Sao2, arterial oxygen saturation.