Table 2

 Characteristics of smoking behaviour and infant cotinine levels in the study population

CharacteristicsMothers smoked in pregnancy(n = 33)Mothers did not smoke in pregnancy(n = 54)p Value†
*p<0.05 between the two groups.
†Differences between the two groups were determined by the Mann-Whitney U test for non-parametric continuous data.
‡Data shown as geometric mean (95% CI) with the number of samples detected above the limit of detection indicated in square brackets.
Maternal smoking (current)33/33 (100.0%)54/54 (100.0%)
Median (IQR) pack-years8.81 (3.46, 13.34)0.00 (0.00, 2.30)<0.001*
Infant urine cotinine (ng/mg)‡29.8 (16.4 to 54.4)[10/31]12.2 (10.0 to 14.9)[4/54]0.002*
Partner smoking (current)25/33 (75.8%)9/54 (16.7%)<0.001*